Cline Covers and Design includes Book cover design and logo and banner design.

"It’s a simple story—I needed a book cover designer and hit a Home Run! Michelle is a rare jewel in her field, not only bravely and boldly imaginative but also collaborative and communicative. This is a woman that is easy to work with, reliable, competent and determined. The balance in her being between the artist and thinker is a prize I’ve appreciated as a client. 

After working on several books with her, my only regret is that I’ve run out of completed projects. 

Take a look at her work—see for yourself."

Dennis A Nehamen, author; forensic and clinical psychologist.  

​​​​Cline Covers and Design's custom book designs are a beautiful blend of your vision and our artistry.  We understand all that you have put into your book, and know that the cover is just the icing on the cake.  No matter how great your book is, you simply must have a great cover to attract the attention it so deserves.  Let’s work together to make your dreams a reality!.