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"My only regret is that the project ended! She did an amazing job on my book cover and I will be back. I would highly recommend her! I feel like I'm saying good bye to a friend."

                                                                                  -Charmin Moore, "Lessons of A Life Coach"

 My second book cover by Michelle, and counting! Her quick response time was just what we needed this go-around, with a rush project. Michelle followed through with flying colors. Her design is attractive, and perfectly reflects the topic of our book. Thank you Michelle!
                                                                     -Deb Potts, author of "Legacy

"It’s a simple story—I needed a book cover designer and hit a Home Run! Michelle is a rare jewel in her field, not only bravely and boldly imaginative but also collaborative and communicative. This is a woman that is easy to work with, reliable, competent and determined. The balance in her being between the artist and thinker is a prize I’ve appreciated as a client. 

After working on several books with her, my only regret is that I’ve run out of completed projects. 

Take a look at her work—see for yourself."


-Dennis A Nehamen, author; forensic and clinical psychologist.  (Cline Covers and Design has designed 8 of his book covers)

"It was a pleasure working with Michelle Cline on my book cover design. Her expertise and eye for design put a professional polish on my book. Will definitely work with her again!" 

                                                               -Deb Potts, author of "Making Peace With Prickly People"